FuturePay is an innovative new, listed, actively-managed fund which aims to deliver investors: a predictable monthly income that grows with inflation, driven by returns and capital growth, with a focus on downside protection. This is underpinned by a reserving strategy and on-going income support, together with daily access to capital.


FuturePay invests in a carefully selected portfolio of high-quality global companies that have the potential for attractive, long-term investment returns but are less volatile than the broader equities market.


Alongside FuturePay sits the Support Trust. Together with FuturePay , the Support Trust operates to provide a capital reserving and income support function. This is further supplemented by a MFG Reserve Facility. These provide FuturePay with potential income support during poor market conditions, to assist FuturePay in delivering its objective of providing investors with a predictable and growing monthly income stream, while reducing the risk of permanent capital loss. Think about it like saving for a ‘rainy day’.


This combination of FuturePay ’s investment strategy, coupled with the Support Trust and a MFG Reserve Facility to provide reserving and income support to help manage volatility, all in a single product, is what makes FuturePay unique.


Closing Price Chart
Magellan FuturePay (Managed Fund)(FPAY)

Fund Announcements

Date Time Issuer Announcement PP Link
13 May 202201:17 PM 01:17 PM FPA FPAY - DRP Summary 1
10 May 202205:26 PM 05:26 PM FPA FPAY Fund Update - April 2022 2
04 May 202203:06 PM 03:06 PM FPA FPAY - Units on Issue & Monthly Redemptions - April 2022 1
04 May 202208:30 AM 08:30 AM FPA FPAY - DRP Price - Distribution Payable 13 May 2022 1
02 May 202209:33 AM 09:33 AM FPA FPAY - Target Monthly Income update 1
02 May 202209:29 AM 09:29 AM FPA FPAY - Support Trust Payment for April 2022 1
29 Apr 202210:43 AM 10:43 AM FPA FPAY - Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure - 31 March 2022 2
27 Apr 202202:35 PM 02:35 PM FPA FPAY - Monthly Distribution Announcement 1
14 Apr 202204:52 PM 04:52 PM FPA FPAY Fund Update - March 2022 3
14 Apr 202209:43 AM 09:43 AM FPA FPAY - DRP Summary 1
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To find out more about FuturePay and how it works, click here here.

Why FuturePay?

Magellan’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Brett Cairns provides an overview of FuturePay, what it aims to deliver investors and what makes the product unique. Watch video.

FuturePay Overview

FuturePay aims to deliver investors a predictable monthly income that grows with inflation, capital growth with a focus on downside protection, a reserving strategy and on-going income support, and daily access to capital. Find out more.