At Elstree, we believe the hybrid market offers opportunities for active investors. The Elstree Hybrid Fund (Managed Fund) (EHF1) combines a different investment process, along with 80 years’ experience, to deliver a well-considered, carefully crafted and managed portfolio of equity hybrids. The fund is aimed at investors who want a higher return than bank term deposits and less yield risk than investing in Australian shares.


Closing Price Chart
Elstree Hybrid Fund (Managed Fund)(EHF1)

Fund Announcements

Date Time Issuer Announcement PP Link
20 May 202203:39 PM 03:39 PM EHF EHF1 Portfolio Holdings - 31 March 2022 2
09 May 202209:27 AM 09:27 AM EHF EHF1 Change in Invested Capital April 2022 1
03 May 202209:31 AM 09:31 AM EHF EHF1 DRP price April 2022 1
02 May 202209:34 AM 09:34 AM EHF EHF1 Actual Distribution April 2022 1
28 Apr 202202:12 PM 02:12 PM EHF EHF1 Correlation Disclosure March Quarter 2022 1
28 Apr 202210:18 AM 10:18 AM EHF EHF1 Estimated distribution month of April 2022 1
05 Apr 202212:03 PM 12:03 PM EHF EHF1 - Change in Issued Capital March 2022 1
04 Apr 202204:43 PM 04:43 PM EHF EHF1 - DRP Price March Distribution 2022 1
01 Apr 202210:03 AM 10:03 AM EHF EHF1 Actual Distribution Announcement March 2022 1
30 Mar 202210:30 AM 10:30 AM EHF EHF1 Estimated Distribution March 2022 2
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EHF1 Overview Video

Watch Campbell Dawson, Director at Elstree Investment Management discuss the Elstree Hybrid Fund (Managed Fund) in this video.