A diversified global equities portfolio of 70-90 of the world’s best companies – those that have sustainable competitive advantages enabling them to continually earn returns on capital in excess of their cost of capital. Constructed using Magellan’s long-standing and proven investment process, the investment team conducts extensive fundamental research to assess a business’s ‘economic moat’, the potential impact or benefits of disruption, value, and key risks and exposures, before overlaying our proprietary MFG Core Series scoring framework. The portfolio is systematically rebalanced on a quarterly basis using these inputs. It is not the manager’s intention to hedge the foreign currency exposure of the Fund arising from investments in overseas markets.

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MFG Core International Fund (Managed Fund)(MCSG)

Fund Announcements

Date Time Issuer Announcement PP Link
27 Jun 202210:55 AM 10:55 AM MCS MCSG - Distribution for the six-month period ended 30 June 2022 1
10 Jun 202203:53 PM 03:53 PM MCS MCSG Fund Update - May 2022 2
03 Jun 202212:03 PM 12:03 PM MCS MCSG - Units on Issue & Monthly Redemptions - May 2022 1
10 May 202204:38 PM 04:38 PM MCS MCSG Fund Update - April 2022 2
04 May 202203:16 PM 03:16 PM MCS MCSG - Units on Issue & Monthly Redemptions - April 2022 1
29 Apr 202210:48 AM 10:48 AM MCS MCSG - Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure - 31 March 2022 2
14 Apr 202204:47 PM 04:47 PM MCS MCSG Fund Update - March 2022 3
07 Apr 202203:26 PM 03:26 PM MCS MCSG - Monthly redemptions & units on issue - March 2022 1
11 Mar 202210:05 AM 10:05 AM MCS MCSG Fund Update - February 2022 2
07 Mar 202204:45 PM 04:45 PM MCS MCSG - 2022 Interim Financial Report 32
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About the MFG Core International Fund

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MFG Core International Fund Overview video

Watch Vihari Ross, Portfolio Manager of the MFG Core International Fund discuss the MFG Core International Fund (Managed Fund) in this video.