What are Funds?


The Cboe Funds market includes both Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Quoted Managed Funds (QMFs). ETFs are passively managed funds that track a particular index whereas QMFs are funds that are rules based, actively managed or hold only single assets.


What Cboe Funds Offer? 


  • Trade, clear and settle in the same way as shares;
  • Invest in or give exposure to underlying assets and the value of the fund depends on the investment performance of those underlying assets; and,
  • Have underlying assets with robust & transparent price discovery mechanisms, and which currently include equity, fixed income, currency and commodity assets.

Cboe Funds (ETFs and QMFs) trade exclusively on the Cboe Market.


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Cboe Funds

Cosmos Purpose Bitcoin Access ETF
Cosmos Global Digital Miners Access ETF
ETFS 21Shares Bitcoin ETF
eInvest Core Income Fund (Managed Fund)
ETFS 21Shares Ethereum ETF
Elstree Hybrid Fund (Managed Fund)
Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund)
Magellan FuturePay (Managed Fund)
ETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETF
MFG Core ESG Fund (Managed Fund)
MFG Core International Fund (Managed Fund)
MFG Core Infrastructure Fund (Managed Fund)
Magellan Sustainable Fund (Managed Fund)
Schroder Absolute Return Income (Managed Fund)
Switzer Higher Yield Fund (Managed Fund)
Talaria Global Equity Fund (Managed Fund)

Fund Issuers

Fund Announcements

Date Time Symbol Announcement PP Link
20 May 202203:39 PM 03:39 PM EHF1 EHF1 Portfolio Holdings - 31 March 2022 2
19 May 202210:26 AM 10:26 AM PAYS Quarterly holdings disclosure for quarter ending 31 March 2022 62
19 May 202208:29 AM 08:29 AM TLRA TLRA - Interim Financial Report 18
19 May 202208:28 AM 08:28 AM TLRH TLRH - Interim Financial Report 18
17 May 202208:21 AM 08:21 AM TLRH TLRH Quarterly disclosure of correlation between MPI and NAV 31 March 2022 1
17 May 202208:17 AM 08:17 AM TLRA TLRA Quarterly disclosure of correlation between MPI and NAV 31 March 2022 1
16 May 202202:21 PM 02:21 PM TACT TACT - April 2022 Monthly Factsheet 5
13 May 202201:17 PM 01:17 PM FPAY FPAY - DRP Summary 1
13 May 202211:01 AM 11:01 AM SHYF SHYF -NTA-Investment Update 30 April 2022 2
13 May 202209:13 AM 09:13 AM PAYS Monthly Report - April 2022 3
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Funds Reports

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